Whether you are a Construction Manager looking for a teammate to complete your client’s project or in need of Construction Management services, please contact us to see how Delta can best serve your needs.  Delta has enjoyed working alongside the Valley’s leading construction managers in several large projects and  both appreciate the opportunity and respect the Construction Manager’s leading role in the project.   Here is a brief description of the services Delta can provide outside of their general contracting role.

  • Pre-Construction – The pre-construction phase of any project is the most important phase. Proper design, development, material research and selection, value engineering and procurement of the identified materials must take place before ground is broken or a project initiated. We closely coordinate with the designers, engineers, and architects on a project to make sure there is a cohesive vision and an executable plan. We also use our understanding of material and design limitations to bring common-sense solutions to any potential challenges we perceive in the plans before any construction begins.
  • Building Stage – If proper pre-construction research and communication has been conducted, the building stage of a project moves forward fluidly. Nevertheless, items always come up that need additional attention. With Delta, clients have one point of contact and a dedicated project manager who is looking after every detail of the project on a daily basis. Our clients benefit from Delta’s longstanding partnerships with their subcontractors and their ability to leverage these relationships to keep their projects on track and on budget.
  • Post-Construction – From the signing of the contract to the final walk-thru, client satisfaction is our main goal. We provide close out warranty services and maintenance advice, as well as personalized follow-up. We don’t walk away from a job until the customer is satisfied. Our goal, with all of our projects, is to build lasting relationships and future clients through the appreciation of our work and thoroughness of our service.