For our Subcontractors:

Delta values the strong, long-standing relationships we share with many of our subcontractors and are always looking for qualified subs who share our commitment to delivering high quality workmanship for a fair price.   To do work for Delta, our subs must:

  1. Comply with all Arizona ROC licensing requirements
  2. Agree to our contract and billing procedures (please refer to attached Sub Master Contract   Sample Sub Master Contract pdf )
  3. Conform to all our minimum insurance requirements   Delta Insurance Requirements   pdf

If you wish to be placed on our preferred subcontractor list and receive bid invitations from Delta in the future, please take the time to complete our pre-qualification process below. Please complete and submit these forms via email to or fax to (480) 907-1620.

  1. Sub Pre-qualification form (fillable) pdf
  2. Please provide proof of current insurance meeting the Delta minimum requirements
  3. Two trade recommendation letters – at least one from a major supplier attesting to your credit standing with them
  4. On a case by case basis, financials may be required to determine capacity to complete larger projects