Delta Construction has been family owned and operated since 1989. Since its inception, the company has been a residential homebuilder throughout Arizona with the addition of its commercial division in 1999.
Brad Jones is a 35 year veteran of the construction industry and has lead Delta through the successful completion of hundreds of projects. His knowledge and experience in all types of construction is invaluable when our clients’ time and money are on the line.
Anne Jones has been alongside Brad since the beginning and utilizes her years of small business and real estate experience to manage the Company’s financials, accounting, compliance and admin functions.

Core Values

While other construction companies have come and gone, Delta’s core values and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with both our clients and subcontractors has been Delta’s recipe for success, growth and sustainability.
Stewardship – As guardian of our client’s time and resources, our goal is to collaborate with all the project’s players to thoroughly understand both the needs and the visions for a project and establish the open lines of communication that are necessary for a successful completion. Through this process, material and resource lead times will be identified and any open issues can be discovered and resolved to avoid costly surprises later on. Our established network of subcontractors are all pre-qualified prior to bidding our projects and understand and share our commitment to the project and its principals. Delta believes that construction isn’t just about building according to a set of plans, but more about safeguarding our client’s interests by merging Delta’s experience with our client’s objectives to form a tangible reality and to cross the finish line together as part of a collective effort.
“Good Faith” Contracting – Delta understands that there is never a construction project without “issues”. Delta can often help mitigate any extra costs and time delays to the project by identifying those potential issues early and provide insight to possible resolutions. Whether a client, an owner, a subcontractor or an employee, Delta is committed to each and to finding an optimal outcome for the greater good of the project and its players.
Strategic – In construction, there is no substitute for experience and no single way to do things. Each and every job brings its own set of challenges and concerns. How solutions are reached and dealt with during the course of construction, plays a significant role in the successful outcome of the project. With Delta’s experience and resources, we offer a unique and detailed awareness to most construction issues and can offer our clients creative yet practical answers or alternatives to help minimize any schedule delays and cost increases to the project.